Frequently asked questions

1. What is WizAR Learning Solutions?

WizAR Learning Solutions develop Augmented Reality products for young learners as well as students of higher class so that student can take advantage of interactive learning.

3. What is WizAR Kids?

WizARKids is specially designed for young learners, we have 4D+ flashcards, Augmented Reality(AR) Coloring Books and Augmented Reality Storybooks which will engage students and help develop LSRW skills from an early age. The aim is to use technology i.e. AR to stimulate learning in children by Visual Learning. With visual learning, new concepts are more thoroughly and easily understood.

4. What is WizAR Education?

WizAR education is for higher classes. WizAR Education explains a specific Learning Experience through AR. The students can visualize a process taking place in front of their eyes, see the effects that take place in a real-life scenario, note-down the outcomes when variables of the parameters are changed.

2. What do we offer?

We have a wide variety of AR products which can be implemented in school or individually.

5. To which age group we cater?

WizAR Learning Solutions offer Augmented Reality products for every age group of students. We have products for pre-primary, and primary school kids. These products can be found under wizARkids. For higher grades, we have WizAR Education where we design projects so that students can easily grasp a complex or abstract scientific and mathematical concept.

6. From where to buy our products?

An individual can buy our products from Amazon.in (India), Amazon.com (USA), and Lazada.sg (Singapore).

7. How to download our app?

You can download our apps from Play Store (for Android) and App store (for iPhone) and use it to scan the products to see the magic of the AR view.
WizARKids: Play Store, App store
WizAR Education: Play Store

8. Whom should I contact for more information?

Please feel free to get in touch by emailing us at contact@wizar.io.

9. How can I implement WizAR Learning Solutions' products in our school?

Please contact us at contact@wizar.io to schedule a meeting with and we will be happy to discuss further.

10. Can we schedule a demo? (for schools)

Once we are in touch, we can choose a convenient time to schedule a demo.

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